Victoria Goldstein

VG Studio is an international award-winning design firm based in Houston and Buenos Aires. We design across scales, recently involved in projects for activating public space, buildings, furniture, interiors, installations and exhibitions.

We use state of the art technology to develop design concept and for digital fabrication of our custom pieces.

VG Studio operates on boundaries between art, architecture and technology.
Founded in 2014 we are a young and vibrant practice.




Arq Victoria Goldstein 
Lead Design:
Arq Luciana Melicchio

Drafting and Design:
Mahsa Dehghani
Munjer Hashim

Past Drafting and Design:
Luis Aurrecochea
Ane Gonzalez Lara
Nicolas Herrera
Alireza Mamaryan

Recent Collaborations:
Arturo Revilla

About us:

Victoria Goldstein
AIA Associate
Arquitecta FADU UBA, MArch AADRL
Adjunct Assistant Prof University of Houston

Luciana Melicchio
Arquitecta FADU UBA

Munjer Hashim
UH Architecture Graduate

Mahsa Dehghani
Junior Designer
National University of Iran Graduate