Victoria Goldstein

Built "Band Rail"

'Band Rail' in an architectural feature in a loft where interior partitions become interstitial design between architecture and furniture.  'Band Rail' is both handrail and book case offering a design accent to daily residential uses. The loft has a macro design level where all mechanical services surround its perimeter and the interior is distributed by multi functional partitions. The loft has a mezzanine level and a smaller room with a mezzanine level within, made by a compact serving space that includes multiple solutions for a small space.

Project title: Nested 
Project Size: 130 m2
Project type: Apartment refurbishment
Location: Av Figueroa Alcorta 3399, Palermo, Buenos Aires
Design: Victoria Goldstein and Luciana Melicchio
Completion: July 2016


'Band Rail'
'Band Rail' Close up
'Band Rail' Detail